Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother - Lois Fae Linnebach Rampton

I don't know whether or not it is appropriate to share the contents of your Patriarchal Blessing, especially in a public forum.  But I am going to do it to make at point.  My Patriarchal Blessing says that I was able to choose my parents in our pre-mortal existence.  I don't know if that is true for everyone (the scriptures are silent on the subject) but for me it is.  This fact teaches me three things.  First:  I knew my mother before coming to this earth.  Second:  she was a great person (at least I thought so), so much so that I chose her to get me started on my mortal probation and teach me good from evil.  Third:  having agency, she cared enough about me to accept the calling as my mother.  The same goes for my Dad.  I wish that when I was growing up I had that same perspective.  Indeed, my mother, Lois Fae Linnebach Rampton, was a great woman in the pre-mortal existence.  She was a great person during her mortal existence.  And I am sure she is doing a great work in the afterlife. (There are probably many things that need gold leafing there.)

A few weeks ago when cleaning out the rumpus room I found an old photo album that had pictures of Mom that I had never seen before.  Also, I found some old 3 x 5 cards that had recipes written on them in her own handwriting.  So, to honor her on this Mothers Day, I share with you below, those photos and recipes.  Be sure to try them out.
Lois age 2

Lois Age 8 3rd from left with siblings and cousins (Uncle Glen is standing next to her)

Lois in middle early teens

Lois 2nd from right early teens

Lois and her brother Gary

Lois on left with two girlfriends

Lois and girlfriend (Bonnie Manley ?)

Lois on right

1957 Lois holding Richard and Charlie in fire truck

Lois back row on right holding Jim.  Roger is on right in front row.  Picture taken at Grandma Ethel's house

Lois in middle

Grandpa holding Richard.  Charlie on right. 1956.

Easy Dessert from Lorainne Johnson

Aunt Janet's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jello Cottage Cheese Salad

Layer Bars friom Grandma Ethel

Lois's Oatmeal Cookies

Lois's Zucchini Bead

Sunt Louise's Zucchini Bread

Aunt Maureen's Oh Henry Bars

Marci Meyers Rocky Road Fudge

Xmas Feuit Cake from Grandma Ethel

Zucchini Cookies

Zucchini Drop Cookies

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  1. Charles,
    I'm Greg Linnebach, a son of Phil. In the group picture at Grandma Ethel's above, I recognize Gary, Lois and Grandpa Art. I was there around 1962, I was 6. Who are the other people in that photo? Where do you live now? Also, you said that you spoke with Uncle Glen in September. I last visited with him and Beverly at the Salt Lake Airport around 1992. Are they still alive? Do you know their son Mike?